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Mrs. Katie Zboril » This week in Preschool

This week in Preschool

Dear Parents,
Happy Labor Day! I hope this day has brought you some time with your family and loved ones!
Each month, I will send a bulletin detailing our focus/themes, centers, cooking projects, books, and much more! We will hit the ground running this month with our curriculum. The children are starting to fall into our routines and learn names of friends in our classroom, the name of our school, places in our classroom, and the names of our teachers. This month will we be focusing on the following:
Focus Questions:
What should we do if we get scared or sad at school?
What are our rules?
When do things happen at school?
Letters: C, M, A, T
Shapes: Circle
Color: Yellow
Number: 1, 2, 3, 4
Our preschool curriculum introduces cooking and new foods to our preschoolers. We will be making healthy snacks this month that will coincide with our learning themes. If you are able to send in any items for this special "cooking" session each week, we would greatly appreciate it! I will create a sign up genius each month if you would like to sign up. We will be making our snacks on Thursday and Friday of each week. Keep in mind we will cut up these snacks very small for 24 children. If you prep the snack ahead of time, I would be super grateful! Please send the snacks in a Ziploc bag. We have a dairy and raspberry allergy so please be cautious and avoid those items! Please communicate if your child has any food aversions related to the items below.
Week #1 (this week): Fruit Pizzas
Ritz Crackers (or any circular cracker large enough to top)
2 quarts of strawberries (diced)
2 pints of blueberries (diced or whole)
4 apples (diced)
Week 2-4 Yellow Snacks
pinapple (diced or chunked)
bananas (12)
yellow peppers (cut into strips or dice)
yellow squash
yellow apples
any other yellow healthy food you think of!
We also have many beautiful books we will be reading this month.
Wemberly Worried
The Kissing Hand
Love is a Family
Quinito, Day and Night
In our Learning Centers we will be working in dramatic play, puzzles, blocks, and library. We will be identifying yellow items, shapes and counting in our learning centers. We will also be working on our fine motor skills with scissors and play dough. We will continue to develop our gross motor skills on the playground and the gym. We will use bubbles, chalk, play tag, interact with all different shapes and colors of balls, and even a game of outdoor bowling! We have added a play cottage to our outdoor playground!
Rest time for some of our students is difficult. We have added "Busy Boxes" during this time for students to use on their cots. Please help us at school by reminding your child rest time is a quiet time to calm our bodies and stay in our space. We have also purchased yoga mats for students to sleep on! Currently, we are using cots but by adding yoga mats our students will become independent preparing their nap space and independently cleaning up. Please remember to send your child with a School Lovie if you haven't already done so.
Also per State regulation, your child uses the same cot/mat each day. We also disinfect mats/cots regularly.
Thank you so much for being an important part of your child's preschool years! This is a fun time of learning, it's magic! As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a great (short) week!
Mrs. Katie Zboril