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January 17, 2019     

Dear Parents,

          REMINDER… Wednesday, January 23rd is our Parent First Communion meeting. The meeting will take 30 minutes and take place in our room.

          HELP… I have two parent volunteers for the Raffle/Bake sale on January 29th and 30th from 10:30-12:30. I could use at least two more for each day. Please let me know. Also, if you are adding an item to the raffle please let me know by our First Communion meeting…I put all the items in the newsletter to boost sales.

          Your child’s permission slip and money are due tomorrow. I have two confirmed chaperones; I could use two more; please let me know.

          I have been battling a bad cold the past several days therefore I’m a little behind on some reading papers. Your math papers are up to date, thanks to the help of Mrs. Taylor. Thanks for your patience.

          Our academic areas:

Religion- Chapter 9

Math- Puppies- facts- minus 2     lesson- Venn Diagrams, time, dozen, double digit adding

          Roblox- facts- X2    lesson- fractions, time, line graphs, estimation/rounding

Reading- Finished Good Night, Good Knight; Mercy Watson, and Superkids reader

Phonics- soft c and g

Writing- onomatopoeia poem and writing directions

Science- gravity

Social Studies- The “Green Book”

          Woo hoo….enjoy your long weekend I know I will!!!


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