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SJCS Enrollment Information

To request information for your family regarding in St. Joseph Consolidated School please contact the school office by emailing [email protected]  or call us at 513-863-8758.


Families may submit their enrollment applications to the school office at our Enrollment Open House or any time after. All enrollment applications are stamped with the date/time of their receipt. Enrollment fees are refunded only if St. Joseph Consolidated School is unable to accept the registrant due to class size restrictions.


Processing of enrollment applications begins with the Admissions Staff.  Applicant families will be contacted by our Admissions Staff  for an appointment to be assessed for class placement and a shadow day for interested students.  If students have an IEP or Educational Plan we ask that these documents are provided at assessment time.  After a review of our assessments, families will be contacted for further direction.  


Acceptance of applications is managed using a four-tiered prioritization approach as follows:

Tier I -  Current St. Joseph Consolidated School students and their siblings

Tier II - New students from St. Aloysius and St. Joseph parishes

Tier III - New students from other Catholic parishes

Tier IV -  All other new students

Enrollment applications received will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


Please print and complete the application below.  It should then be mailed or dropped off to the school office with your $100 application fee.


Wait List Policy

We will communicate your waitlist status by August 1, 2024. If we are unable to accommodate the requested grade, we will return your deposit at that time.

School Hours


The school day for all students (PK-8) at St. Joseph Consolidated School begins at 7:30 a.m. Dismissal time is 2:15 p.m.  

Age requirement for PK & Kindergarten Enrollment


For enrollment in our preschool program student students must 3 or 4 years old on or before August 30. This date will be changing to August 1 for the 25-26 school year.  Students registering for Kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before August 30 (this date will be changing to August 1 for the 25-26 school year) and attend a Kindergarten assessment.

SJCS Preschool Information and Application

Uniform Policy

St. Joseph Consolidated School requires uniform attire for ALL students.  In order to maintain focus on schoolwork, students must refrain from dressing in any manner which is identified by staff or administration as distracting from the business of school.  All students should maintain acceptable standards of cleanliness and personal hygiene to keep from being a distraction and concern to others.

St. Joseph Consolidated School Uniform Guidelines




Transportation Information


The following school districts provide bus transportation for our students. Families will be given further information to register for transportation services in the spring.

Ross Transportation 738-2900
Hamilton Transportation 887-5060
Fairfield Transportation 829-6603
Talawanda Transportation 273-3150
Edgewood Transportation 863-4692
New Miami/Settle Services 863-1390

Cafeteria Information

The SJCS cafeteria provides hot lunches daily. These lunches are prepared in- house made daily in our kitchen! Another added bonus of our cafeteria is families can order daily. No ordering weeks ahead! No thinking ahead required! If you're a little low on groceries, your Child can buy their lunch! Lunchroom specialties even bring back our alumni to visit and eat lunch! Lunch is not the only thing students receive in the lunch room at SJCS. Paula, Liz, Odis & Debbie serve each lunch with love and gently remind each student to practice their manners! Each Child is served vegetables and fruits with every lunch and a smile from the lunch crew. Stop in and watch sometime, they know each child by name! Just one of the many benefits of going to SJCS! St. Joseph Consolidated School also participates in the National School Lunch Program for those that qualify. Hot lunches, which includes milk, Cost $3.50 and additional milk can be purchased for .50¢. Students may purchase "extras" for $1.50. 

Per Archdiocesan Policy-                                                                                                                                                                                St. Joseph Consolidated School abides by the teachings and rules of the Catholic Church, and Faith is integrated into all aspects of the schools activities.  According to the Catholic Faith, a person's sexual identity is is rooted in ones's biological identity as male or female.  St. Joseph Consolidated School considers the gender of all students as being consistent with their biological sex, including participation in school athletics and teams, school sponsored dances, dress and uniform policies, the use of changing facilities, showers, locker rooms, sleeping accommodations on trips, titles, names and pronouns, and school records.  As an applicant/registrant and/or parent/guardian for admission to St. Joseph Consolidated School, parents need to understand and agree to this policy.