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Why St. Joe's ?

Matt & Ellen Wolpert                                                                                                            Joey (5th), Decker (3rd), & Arden (K)

We didn’t know we needed St Joes until we stepped foot inside. We immediately knew it was something we wanted our family to be a part of. It’s a hidden gem, that you never thought was possible in our times. It’s how our parents lived, mixed with up-to-date technology, its truly the best of both worlds!


Ashley & Andy Pfirman                                                                                                             TJ (K), Troy (3rd), Tyson (4th)

As an outsider of the state of Ohio, growing up non-Catholic, and a public school student, I had no idea what to expect when it was time for my first child to go to school or where to send him. The school decision was ultimately left in my son's hands. We toured several schools (public and private) and it was crucial that he feel safe, be surrounded by other Christians, and obtain a great education. Our family went to St. Joe's Open House, and my son loved the teachers he met, and made friends during the tour. His mind was made up- he loved the school and my husband and I were highly impressed! It has been life changing for not only all three of my children that currently attend St. Joe, but for our family as well.  St. Joe has diversity in the student body and each student learns to accept others who may have different religious beliefs, look different, or perhaps need a little more help with school work or daily tasks than others. The students and staff help and look after one another.  Seeing my children's progress year after year in school with reading and math was not enough for me as a parent to just sit back and watch...I wanted to join the Blue Jay "nest" on a different level and help in whatever way possible at school. As a St. Joe helper five days a week, and working with staff and students daily, it is truly rewarding to see how the teachers and students come together to accomplish the ultimate goal... keep Christ in the center of school while obtaining a remarkable education! I would encourage any parent looking for a school for their child to consider St. Joseph. It is unique in every aspect, and is something that you cannot explain, but must experience yourself!  


Phillip & Catherine Clayton

Phillip (1st)

St. Joe's not only focuses on improving our son’s areas of need but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. We are so pleased that we chose St. Joe's and our son LOVES school! He has made friends for life and we couldn't be more grateful that the St. Joe's teachers and staff are his first mentors. He is set up for success!


Patrick & Kari (Larkin) Espel  

Luke (6th), Jaxson (5th), Claire (3rd), Maddie (2nd)

What makes SJCS different?  First, it is small which allows for the close family atmosphere.  It is diverse with students and families from a variety of backgrounds.  You have families on scholarships and financial aid, as well as, those who are very financially successful.  You have students with special needs and you can see inclusion at its finest. You have a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as, a variety of religious backgrounds.  With all these differences, you are still welcomed and treated with respect. You are viewed as a child of God, and you can learn about and grow in your faith. You share something very special, and that is the choice, the priority, and the sacrifice to send your child to St. Joseph Consolidated School located at 2nd and Hanover.     


Chris and Kara Frederick

Eleni (5th)    

When choosing the perfect school for our daughter, we sought a disciplined but nurturing atmosphere. As a non-Catholic family, it was also important for our child to be raised in a Christian environment.  Our goal was for her to feel welcomed and a part of the school family. After touring many local private schools, then touring them again, we choose St. Joseph. When walking into the welcoming doors, we felt a sense of belonging. This school felt right for our daughter. Not only will she be in a loving, Christian environment, she will receive an education in the tradition of the Catholic faith.


Sarah Graf

Ethan (5th)  

We are so thankful we found a school that thrives on meeting students where they are and giving them the resources to strive to be better academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Ethan has grown so much in all areas over the last five years and that is a true testament to the amazing teachers, staff, and volunteers at St. Joes! We are blessed to be a part of the SJCS family!


Tristian & Amy (Gullet SJCS class of 1999) Curtis

Bryson-(2nd) Harper (1st) Ainslee (Pre-K)

We love how much the teachers love their jobs and the students. I am always impressed how the staff knows the students in different classes and their families. They are nurtured in their faith and education at the same time.


Randy & Jessica Allman

Neilson(7th), Walter(5th)

St Joe’s is home.  It is a place where we as a family feel welcome and loved as we are, and for who we are.  That value is fostered between all students and families; it is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.  Everyone is appreciated and valued in unique ways that allow for personal growth and the development of understanding and care for all.  St Joe’s is family.


Brian & Valerie Frech

Ashlynn (6th), Brayden (3rd)

When we started looking for a school 9 years ago, we found a home. We Love St. JOE'S!!!!!


Joe & Laura (Rapien SJCS Class of 1996) Nett

Will (1st) Ethan (PreK)

St. Joe’s holds a very special place in my heart so sending my kids there was the best decision. You can definitely feel the love and care the staff and teachers have for ALL the children. We are so happy to be a part of the special St. Joe’s family. That’s exactly what it is - a family.