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Why St. Joe's ?

Parent Name: Patrick & Kari (Larkin) Espel  

Luke (4th  ) , Jaxson (3rd ), Claire (1st),  Maddie (K)

What makes SJCS different?  First, it is small which allows for the close family atmosphere.  It is diverse with students and families from a variety of backgrounds.  You have families on scholarships and financial aid, as well as, those who are very financially successful.  You have students with special needs and you can see inclusion at its finest. You have a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as, a variety of religious backgrounds.  With all these differences, you are still welcomed and treated with respect. You are viewed as a child of God, and you can learn about and grow in your faith. You share something very special, and that is the choice, the priority, and the sacrifice to send your child to St. Joseph Consolidated School located at 2nd and Hanover.      



Parent Names: Liz and Chris Otto

James (4th ), Jonathan (2nd), Claire (1st)

Our family came to St. Joe’s as our oldest son was entering the 1st grade. We had previously attended another school in the area, which never truly felt like a good fit for us. We considered other schools, one of which is only a couple of minutes from our home, but after visiting St. Joe’s, we knew this was where we needed to be. We decided to check out St. Joe’s during the annual open house and as soon as we entered the building, it was clear that this was the perfect school for our three children. It’s hard to put into words, but there is a different feeling about this school. The diverse student body and inclusive environment stood out to us and is something that we wanted our children to be a part of. We were immediately welcomed and accepted into the St. Joe’s community and are grateful every day for the amazing principal, teachers, and other staff members that care for our kids. As parents, choosing this school for our children has been the best decision we’ve made. Not only are they growing academically, but they are also loved, supported, and encouraged to be the best people they can be. St. Joe’s is truly a special place- we love this school!



Parent Names: Tony & Lora Couch

Sidney (8th)

Why St. Joseph’s Consolidated School?

Every parent wants to make the best decisions when it comes to their children’s education- as well as everything else in our hectic and hurried world today. As parents of a 7th and 8th grader at SJCS, I can say without hesitation that we made the BEST possible decision for our family.

Family… is exactly what you get- from the beginning of your child’s education, until the end and it doesn’t stop there. I cannot sing praises loud enough when it comes to the Principal, Mr. Hicks and his staff at SJCS. In taking the time and consideration to truly get to know my children, they have more than earned my family’s trust and respect, not to mention our undying gratitude. They have helped make my children the confident and compassionate young people they are today and the leaders they will be in the future. Your child will be known. Your child will be nurtured and cared for. Your child will receive the quality education they deserve and be provided the tools and support they need to reach their full potential. Once a part of SJCS… always a part of SJCS.

Faith… learning and growing in Christ, Family… nurturing, encouraging,                                 

Future… fostering compassionate leaders of tomorrow…………….Forever grateful



Grandparents name:  Sid and Karen Vance

Noah Eakes 3rd grade

When we were looking for a school for our grandson, we knew that we wanted a Christian –based school. Not being catholic, we looked at several different options in the area.

From the moment we walked in the door at St. Joe’s, we have felt nothing but welcome and knew that this is where we wanted our grandson to begin his education.

Our grandson is now in second grade, and the years that he has been here has been a wonderful experience for all of us.  Not only is he doing well in his classwork, the kids are also taught to be kind, compassionate and caring; universal values regardless of religious affiliation.

The principal, the teachers and the staff are wonderful.  Our grandson is very impressed they know the names of all the kids.

St Joe’s is truly a special place and we could not be happier with our decision to have our grandson attend.


Mark Tokarczyk,  Father and proud SJCS Parent                                                                                

 Jacob 7th, and Nicholas 5th                                                                                                                                           

 To all perspective parents, Without question, SJCS has exceeded our expectations for a Catholic grade school education. Initially, we visited SJCS due to their good reputation of inclusion of all types of students. Today, we see what an exceptional experience SJCS is for ALL of our three children. My wife and I have found the educators and staff to be both forward thinking and personable. The curriculum has challenged our kids individual needs, yet made them successful.  In short time, SJCS has become an extension of our family.


Chris and Kara Frederick


When choosing the perfect school for our daughter, we sought a disciplined but nurturing atmosphere. As a non-Catholic family, it was also important for our child to be raised in a Christian environment.  Our goal was for her to feel welcomed and a part of the school family. After touring many local private schools, then touring them again, we choose St. Joseph. When walking into the welcoming doors, we felt a sense of belonging. This school felt right for our daughter. Not only will she be in a loving, Christian environment, she will receive an education in the tradition of the Catholic faith.


Mike & Laura Nesi

Jacob 3rd

We are a third year family of St. Joe's and without a doubt, St. Joe's was the perfect school for our family.  Friends of our family have two boys enrolled in the school and spoke so highly about it all of the time so we decided to go to the Open House last year. The feeling of family, tradition, and God embraced us that day and we knew we were home.  Everyone who is part of the St. Joseph family is amazing including all of the families and children.  You will not find a more caring and loving family of teachers, office staff, other school staff and employees, and of course, principal, than those of St. Joe's. They have our children’s best interest at heart and are truly there to help them grow to be the best versions of themselves through Knowledge, Faith, and Service as their Crest states, and our son is proof of that. He loves his school as much as we do!  We are so blessed to be part of the St. Joseph family.


Katie Zboril Alumni, Preschool Teacher & Parent                                                            

Annie (6th) Jack (4th) June (K)

My heart has been full of thoughts on the St. Joseph Open House.  We did this thing this year....this big thing.  We started a preschool.  I say "we" because it was my husband, my mom, my best friends, my kids, my teaching neighbor, parents who dropped off boxes of toys and books, a Principal who believed in me when I wasn't quite sure and colleagues from another school I adore (Westover) who befriended me.  My kids spent less time at the pool and more time watching their siblings while mom was at school, we spent more money with this extra line in our budget "preschool" than I expected, we spent hours meeting all the guidelines to open it. We did it.  I mean we really did it.  With half the year left, we have spots already committed for next year.  In fact, this is the picture of our entire school for next year (PK-8th).  Seriously, every year we work so hard to fill our school and for the first time in a long time, we have limited spots. What I have to say next is why I believe this is happening. 

If you walk down the hallways at St. Joseph, no one classroom looks alike.  There are students who are learning English, students with special needs, gifted students, students on financial assistance, students with families who give the gift of their personal financial blessings, students who practice a religion other than Catholicism, students who are on grade level, students who are at Mass every Sunday, students from farms, the suburbs and our school neighborhood.  This year I had a student with a disability with limited language and a student who spoke English as a second language (limited English).  Yet, they were playing together in our Dramatic Play center as if there was no language barrier at all.  We aren't a school that has the "one size fits all approach". Frankly, I don't think many schools are....or at least I hope not.  We have a fearless leader and a staff, including ALL staff (custodians, office, lunch, teachers) who give mints when kiddos aren't feeling well, who set up cots in their office when a child is ill (think vomit ill), who clean the carpet every morning and make you feel like you're starting in a fresh room every day, who make the extra sandwich for someone who forgot their lunch and warm meals every day, who have timers set on their phones to take care of students, a Principal who does recess duty every day, and teachers who lift each other up. Maybe this environment isn't for everyone and I respect and understand others choices of schools.  But if this sounds like it’s for you, please call us and come to the Open House.  Sometimes the most beautiful flowers grow in the most unusual places.  St. Joseph was the first Catholic school in Hamilton and I am so proud and humbled to be a part of its rich history.  A school that changes with our world and not just opens its door but embraces every single kiddo and parent walking through our school.  You can call the school office and ask for Mrs. Stenger or Mrs. Harding and they will tell you everything you want to know!  Please call though because this year there will be limited spots and I would love to see you in this beautiful place with me!

Why we love St. Joes....


  1. It is the place I found a second home when I became the first grade teacher. I thought I’d be walking in blind, but there were so many teachers and even parents that were willing to help get me settled into my first teaching job. The secretary, Mrs. Stenger, became another Mom to me and was always willing to lend an extra hand! (Still is!!)Mr. Hicks, our amazing principal, believed in me and gave me the opportunity to begin the career I love. 💕 Now I get to work with students through intervention every day.
  2. Ethan is now in the school with me and I get to be so involved with his experience at school. He loves school, especially library, music, and art and gym with Mrs. Schroeder! Everyone is always looking out for the little ones! They have 7th or 8th grade buddies, their classroom teachers adore them, and the staff as a whole knows the children by name and make it a point to get to know them before they have them in class.
  3. Our lunch ladies and men are amazing and cook for students every day in our cafeteria! They go the extra mile to make sure everyone is eating and enjoying what they are eating!
  4. Our PTO is always so supportive and always looking for new ways to raise money for our children to be involved in new exciting activities such as: bringing the planetarium dome, kids making their own simple machines, and giving students the opportunity to see Wicked in theater, to name just a few!
  5. I have the opportunity to invite volunteers to come in to school and read with students weekly! Some of these volunteers are current parents and/or grandparents, but others are grandparents that still come even though their grandchildren are gone, because they love the children as much as I do! This year I have 15 volunteers that give hours of their time each week to make our children better students!!
  6. Most importantly, it feels like my home. It is a place where everyone cares about each other and is always looking out for each and every child’s needs. St. Joes is a diverse community and gives children the understanding that everyone is important and loved the same way.

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