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SAFE PARISH-Child Protection



This school complies with the The Decree on Child Protection which is promulgated by the Archbishop of Cincinnati.  The Decree is as follows:


All employees and regular volunteers at St. Joseph Consolidated School are required by the Archdiocese to fulfill the requirements of this decree. 


This means that school staff and parents who are at school working with students (as coaches, room moms, party volunteers, field trips chaperones, etc.) must complete the Safe Parish program and have a background check.  Our fingerprinting policy includes manual fingerprinting for employees and electronic background checks for all employees and volunteers.


Please contact Theresa Stenger, Safe Environment Coordinator for St. Joseph Consolidated School and Parish,  if you have any questions regarding this information.


Safe Parish Current Volunteer Log In



If you have completed the previous program VIRTUS through the Archdiocese, you will need to complete registration for Safe Parish through the new user link in the next section. The timeline to transfer from VIRTUS to SafeParish has expired so users must complete all training.



SafeParish will send links to quarterly training modules to active users. Users will have one month to complete the training. SafeParish will remove a person from the approved list if the training is not completed within that month. Non-compliance will result in SafeParish™ account non-approval and non-compliant employees and volunteers will no longer be permitted to work with youth or vulnerable adults until compliance is reestablished. The training may still be accessed by the user, however, the person will not appear on the approved volunteer/employee list. It is very important that everyone complete the training in the month that it is assigned.


Every person in a position which requires contact or interaction with youth or vulnerable adults must complete the SafeParish™ edition of Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse training session before they are permitted to work or volunteer within any of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati parishes, schools, or institutions. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to complete the training.  All training is online via SafeParish. In-person training is no longer available nor required.

In addition to completing the training, employees and volunteers must stay current in completing their interactive video-based SafeParish™ quarterly bulletins on Child Protection in order to remain in compliance with the requirements of the Decree on Child Protection. Non-compliance will result in SafeParish™ account non-approval and non-compliant employees and volunteers will no longer be permitted to work with youth or vulnerable adults until compliance is reestablished. Please contact your local safe environment coordinator with questions regarding your SafeParish™ account or if your account is non-approved due to non-compliance with the decree.

Go to Archdiocese of Cincinnati SafeParish Link

  • The passcode for registration is: protectcincy
  • Click "Register" on the top right of the home page
  • Select the location from the drop down where you are employed or volunteer.
  • Click the role(s) associated with your employment/service at the parish, school, or Archdiocesan institution. Select a sub-role from the drop down to describe your employment/service at this location.
  • If you are active at only this location, this will be your primary location.
  • If you are active at more than one location, click the ADD PARISH/LOCATION button and repeat the steps above. With more than one location, please click the "This is my main/primary location" radio button to indicate where you are employed or, if you are a volunteer, where most of your ministry or service is performed.
  • Complete your personal information. Please enter your legal name for the purposes of the background screening. There are no credit checks and no soft hits to credit.
  • Create a username, password and password clue.
  • If information regarding your previous safe environment account can be located, it will be displayed. Click the radio button for the correct choice or choose none of the above if none of the information pertains to you. If your information was found and you clicked the appropriate radio button information regarding your training and background check dates will be transferred into your SafeParish account.
  • Agree to the Terms of Use and click SUBMIT.
  • If you have not previously completed an online background check you will be prompted to submit information for a background screening through
  • You will be required to acknowledge that you have downloaded and accepted the terms of the Decree.

If you have completed a background check through VIRTUS, no new background check will be required.  

The Archdiocese uses for background checks.  The Safe Parish system will prompt you to Selection to complete the background check.   There will be a one time $25 charge for this background check.  Individuals must complete BOTH requirements to participate as a volunteer.   It takes at least three weeks for this process to be completed.  Please allow ample time for processing. 

Please make sure this email address ( from SafeParish is listed as acceptable and NOT spam because you will be receiving occasional messages from SafeParish regarding the quarterly bulletins.