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SJCS Houses

St. Joseph Consolidated School has been participating in a "house" system since January. The students are divided into 10 small units called houses. Each house has 21/22 members ranging from K-8. The placement of students in the houses was based on academics, talents and sportsmanship. There are two staff members assigned to each house. An upper classman has been elected to lead the monthly meetings and another upper classman has been elected to be the scribe. The houses met and chose a saint for their name and the students created a shield. (pictured below). The saints chosen are: St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Lucy, St. Francis Xavier, St. Nicholas, St. Jerome, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

The objectives of the houses are:
1) To allow students to build personal and academic relationships among their peers.
2) To have each student be accountable for their relationship to God and other students.

There are activities for the houses; religious, team building, sporting, and academic. Points are given to the entire house for these events. Individual points can be given to a student; therefore adding to the total points for the house. Each month/trimester the house with the highest points will be able to have a special treat. At the end of the year all the houses will celebrate their achievements with a fun activity. This is a positive reward system so points may only be deducted by Mr. Hicks. Points will be given for the following:

1) Behavior- ar point is awarded each month to the students that had expected behavior
2)Participating at Mass on Sunday- (1 point each month for students going to mass-parents provide info to the house)
3) Perfect attendance for the month
4) Homework- a point will be given for completing all homework for the month-teacher provides the info to the house

St. Joseph 
House Monitors: Ms. Shepherd, Mrs. C.Schroeder & Mrs. Brossart
St. Joseph Crest
St. Michael
House Monitors: Mrs. Crooke & Mrs. Dennison
St. Michael Crest
St. Lucy
House Monitors: Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Wagner
St. Lucy
St. Francis Xavier
House Monitors: Mrs. Baden & Mrs. Taylor
St Francis Xavier
St. Nicholas
House Monitors: Mrs. M. Schroeder, Mrs. Bissig & Miss Goffena
St. Nicholas Crest
St. Jerome
House Monitors: Mrs. Biddinger & Mrs.Pate
St. Jerome Crest
St. Francis of Assisi
House Monitors: Mrs. Prough & Mrs. Zimmerman
St. Francis of Assisi Crest
St. Patrick
House Monitors: Miss Guinan & Miss Graf
St. Patrick Crest
St. Andrew
House Monitors: Mrs. Kime & Mrs. Anderson
St. Andrew Crest
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
House Monitors: Mr. Hicks and Mrs. Stenger
 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton