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20-21 School Forms


Form #1 for all SJCS Families

This is one form per family.  This form will provide us with emergency contacts for each family and the information we will need for our family directory.   There is an area to opt out for the directory.


Emergency Notification Sheet 20-21

Form #2 for all SJCS Families

This is one form per family.  This form is needed to help determine needs for Sacramental preparation and to confirm that your family is eligible for a parish subsidy in January.  Tuition subsidy for families is based on your home parishes confirmation that your family is a member in good standing. 


SJCS Parish Affiliation Form


Form #3 for all SJCS Families

This is one form per family.  This is the permission slip for photos of your child or children to be used for marketing or for the school yearbook for St. Joseph. There is an area to indicate you do not want us to use any photos of your children.


Photo Permission Form 20-21


Form #4 for all SJCS Families

This is one form per family.   This form explains the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s policy on students' use of technology.  Please read this information carefully.  Staff will explain this document to students  and they will sign a paper copy during class time.


Responsible Use of Technology Form 20-21

Form #5  for all Junior High (Grade 6, 7 & 8) Parents

One form per student.  This form is for parents to give permission for Junior High students (grades 6, 7, & 8 only) to view videos or read books in our Junior High Library.   Some of these videos may be "PG" or "PG-13".   Checking the boxes below will give your consent for your child to view the videos or read the books.


Junior High Library/Media Form

Form #6 Parent Volunteer Form for all SJCS families

One form per family.  Please look over and see if there are areas you can volunteer during the school year to assist our staff.


SJCS Volunteer Help Form


Form #7 Student Transportation Home Form


Student Transportation Form


 Medical Forms
Here are the forms below for administering medication at school.  There are also the forms for an inhaler and epi pen.  These need to be filled out every year for students who need these in the building.  The forms for incoming Kindergarten students are also located here.
Students who are attending Archdiocesan pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary or secondary schools are eligible for the Student Accident Insurance.  Also, any student while participating in Archdiocesan Youth Athletic/CYO activities through 8thGrade is eligible. This insurance coverage is secondary to the student’s families’ medical insurance. This insurance coverage is for covered injuries during the hours and days when school is in session and while (a) participating in school sponsored and supervised activities occurring on or off school premises, including participation in Archdiocesan Youth Athletic/CYO activities or (b) traveling to and from such activities in transportation furnished or arranged by the school.  It also includes participation in School Summer Activities and travel to and from school.  Participation in High School Interscholastic sports and Football is excluded.