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365 Lotto Fund Raiser

37th Annual

"365 LOTTO"

365 Daily Prizes Will Be Awarded

3 $1,000.00 prizes on Easter, 4th of July & Christmas
12 $ 500.00 prizes on all first Mondays

51 $ 100.00 prizes on all Sundays

299 $ 40.00 prizes on remaining days of the year
First Drawing will be January 1, 2024

You need not be present to win. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold. All tickets are eligible for every drawing. You may buy as many tickets as you like. Please note: Prize monies are based on the sale of 5,000 tickets. Should sales be less than 5,000, prize monies will be reduced in proportion to ticket sales.

It is once again time for the Catholic Schools 365 Lotto (formerly known as the St. Joseph 365 Lotto). This is the 37th year for this fundraiser and it continues to be a very important factor in our efforts to keep the cost of quality Catholic education affordable for our school families. We hope we can count on your support once again this year. Please fill out the information section below and send it back to us with $20 per ticket Make checks payable to St. Joseph School. We will fill out the ticket(s) and return the stub(s) to you in the mail based on the address you provide below. If you know a St. Joseph Consolidated School family please feel free to write their name in the sellers section to give them credit for the sale. Families do receive incentives for sales. If you have any questions or concerns please, call the office at 513-863-8758.

Please remember that this ticket gives you the opportunity to win for the entire 2024 year! We post a complete list of 2023 winners on our web page . Thanks again for your continued support of St. Joseph Consolidated School!